Thursday, February 14, 2013

"Be Mines" ~ Valentines Day Tee Shirt

Happy Valentines Day Everyone. I am a sucker for a holiday especially the ones that allow me to show off my creativity. My daughter asked me to buy her a tee-shirt to wear on Valentines day in traditional Valentines day colors. So as I browsed the stores I did not find anything suitable so guess what I decided to do? Yep you guessed correct, design her a shirt using my trusty cricut machine.

I picked up a white Hanes tee-shirt from the girls department in Wal-mart then proceeded to the fabric department to pick up something cute and festive for the occassion. They didn't have a huge selection but what they did have was perfect. If you have never worked with fabric and your cricut machine it is so easy to do. The results are amazing and guaranteed to WOW everyone.

Here is a mini tutorial of how to cut fabric using the cricut machine. First, purchase heat~n~bond in the red package and measure it to fit the piece of fabric you plan on cutting. Once you have measured it then follow the instructions on the packaging for ironing it onto the fabric. Basically, use the highest setting without steam and place the paper side up. Leave the iron on each section for about 6 seconds. Allow to cool before peeling off the backing. Next, place the fabric on your cutting mat and use the following settings on your machine, speed 3, pressure 4 and blade 4. The settings will vary depending on the weight of fabric you are cutting. Once you have cut your image then place it on the garment and just iron it on again without using any steam.

The results are nothing short of amazing if I must say so myself. On my project, I also used heat transfer vinyl. This too is extremely easy to use and very addicting.

The heart with wings came from the Hello Kitty greetings cartridge and the "Be Mines" came from Sesame Street and Friends cartridge.

Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog. Have a wonderful Valentines day.


  1. I love the tee! Thanks for the mini tutorial. i thought it was more involved but it sounds enough enough to do :)

  2. Adorable shirt. Love it! It looks fantastic, bet your daughter was happy.

  3. This is so Cool and Cute Too!New Follower.
    Have a wonderful day,