Monday, April 29, 2013

Shadow Box Initial Frames ~ Teacher Appreciation Week 2013

Happy Monday Bloggers,

Today is the first day of week long activities honoring the teachers at the kids school. I've been busy creating things for the teachers and today I would like to share with you the shadow boxes I made for them. These are so very easy and fun to create. I used the cricut cartridge "Chip Decor", along with the chip board letters from Hobby Lobby. Its good to get them when they are half off. First I painted the letter using acrylic paint. Be sure to paint all areas that will not be covered with scrapbook paper. Next, cut the paper using the chip decor cartridge. I cut mines at 3.5. The size is on the packaging. Once you have everything cut and the chip board letter has dried its time to adhere everything down. My go to choice for adhesive is my pink ATG gun. The shadow boxes I used are 6 by 8 so I just took regular cardstock and trimmed it down to that size and adhered it to the back of my shadow box. Because I wanted to make sure the letter had a tight bond to the cardstock I used both my hot glue gun and my ATG gun to adhere it down. The final steps are just embellishing the letter, and shadow box.

My kids were very excited when they saw them and could not wait to give them to their teachers.

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  1. such great ideas for the teachers!! I love how you did each of them differently!! they will be pleased!

  2. Oh they are certainly very beautiful. It's amazing how you have transformed a simple Shadow Box Frames into something exquisite. Love is definitely in the air this valentine.