Thursday, January 31, 2013

Michaels Haul!! Additional 90% off the lowest tagged clearance price!!

Good Evening everyone,

Today I did major damage at Michaels. I even called for intervention from my wonderful husband. I sent him this picture and asked him to come and get me before I got into major trouble.

Apparently he thought I would be ok in a store full of red tagged clearance stuff that was an additional 90% off. This sale applied to every red tagged clearance item. Boy oh boy it was like Black Friday in January at Michaels.

I got some really great deals everyone now here is the real question, did I need any of these things, maybe, maybe not. Will I use everything I purchased, probably. But I know this for sure, I am taking a much needed vacation for shopping and going to spend quality time creating!

So the goods I got nothing cost over $2 and most was honestly between .7 cents and .49 cents. Everything pictured was an additional 90% off. Enjoy the photos and I will try to list prices with the pictures. If you have a Michaels near you I encourage you to go out and look for the deals!

Goodnight and don't forget to comment on the bargains you find!

The DCWV paper stacks and all the other brands were .80 cents each. The ribbon adhesive were .30 cents each, most of the odds and ends were .40 cents or less. All of the punches were .50 cents.

The ink pads were .30 cents, the pogo adhesive was .40 and the other adhesive was .30, the paper trimmer was the most expensive thing I got at $2 with the refills costing .25 cents and the washi tape cost .25 cents for a package of 2.

The markers were .40, the magnetic strip with containers was .30, the adhesive runner and refills were .50 and .25 cents, the punches were .50 cents the versa mark was .80 cents.

I have lots more stuff that I purchased will post more pictures later.


  1. My goodness!!! What Michaels did you go to? That haul is awesome. That's the kind of therapy after my week...

  2. I'm jealous. So, so jealous.....

    I got a new DCWV stack 40% off the other day. I still paid $20 (NZ). I thought that was a great buy.

    Can't wait to see what you make with your new haul.

    Scrappy Vee xx

  3. Good haul! We had a similar experience! I was a little shy to post my huge haul but you've encouraged me. I'm working on taking photos of making a video of my haul today. I'll let you know when it's up.

    I'm your newest follower!