Thursday, August 16, 2012

Open house

Whew what a day!!! It all began when I decided that I would make some treats to take to the school for my kids teachers for open house tonight. I knew that today was going to be a very long day for most of them so I decided I wanted to bake them something special. I decided to make them zero calorie cinnamon muffins :). So anyway, the drama began when my imagine did not want to cut whatever it printed. Even after I updated it. Little stinker!! Next, my gypsy decided it did not want to add layers to any of my projects. So now it is a little snot of a machine. Anyway, my trusty expression 2 came to my rescue. This was my first time using the cricut cartridge "Sweet tooth boxes" and let me just tell ya one thing, that cartridge is totally fun and easy to use!! I apologize for the pictures they are not perfect since I was in a hurry and running out of time due to the issues with my imagine and gypsy.
For my project I used DCWV "Nana's Kitchen", and I used the cricut cartridge Sweet Tooth boxes. For the window I used the packaging from the cricut cartridges. Those things come in handy so if you don't save them already, start doing so ASAP. Thanks for looking, Sharondalyn


  1. Girl, you really come up with some amazing projects. Are you going to GA the end of September???
    Email me at your convenience.