Monday, June 4, 2012

Vacationing in Southern California

I can hardly believe it myself, my family and I are vacationing in Southern California and yet I am stuck in my hotel room because. Why? Well it is weather is not as warm as I thought it would have been. Today's high is only 75 and right now it is 66. When I think of California, I think of sunny skies, beaches and bikini's. Well the sky is sunny but the weather is rather chilly to me. I guess I am so used to the hot and humidity of Georgia huh!! Did I mention the 3 hour time difference is driving me bananas!! The kids are up at 4am because they are still on Georgia time. Imagine that!! I need to tell them school is still in session, that way they will sleep a little later. Anyway, this gives me a reason to visit the area malls and see what I can find. I have never been into a mall without stopping at a craft store :). Anyway, I did manage to finish my daughter's 7th birthday album and I only have a few more pages left to complete in my strawberry picking album. I will post pictures when I return home since I forgot to snap them before I we left. Look out for fabulous layouts of the beach, and other tourist spots when I return. Thanks for your support!! ~Sharondalyn~


  1. Okay just one more time -- I'M JEALOUS!!! LOL. Have a great trip!!

    1. ~Thanks girl~ It is finally warming up here," Georgia style" so we will go out today and do some exploring!!