Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The Same Yet Different...

Technique Tuesdays will now be Wacky Wildest Wednesdays. I am new at blogging and picking topics and it was brought to my attention that "Technique Tuesdays" was a copyrighted brand name. I so hope that Wacky Wildest Wednesdays isn't a copyrighted name as well. This series will feature some wacky, wild things that you discovered or attempted to create while card making or scrapbooking. Today, I made some tags and wanted to try heat embossing. Somehow this did not turn out as I had wished. My mind is definitely in a wacky state today (LOL). I used "Ink It Up" clear embossing pad and Martha Stewart flocking powder. Well let's just say that turned out pretty wacky!! Since that did not turn out the way I hope I repeated the process this time using "Stampendous" embossing powder. The results were much better. The tags are going on the baskets I made in honor of "Public Service Week". My kids school is honoring the local Firemen, Policemen and EMT's this week. Here are a couple of pictures from the baskets I made them. Thanks for looking and have a wonderful wild wacky Wednesday!! Please share your stories with me. ~Sharondalyn~


  1. Great job as usual!!! I know you children's teachers will love them!!!

  2. These are great! The public service people will love them and will surely feel appreciated. SO nice of you!!