Saturday, August 22, 2015

Consultant Kit Arrived~Retiring Products List

Good Evening Everyone!! Happy Saturday!!

Boy has it been a busy week and today was no different. Kids, school, homework, sports and crafting. How do I manage to fit it all in? Anyway, my consultant kit came today and boy am I excited. It came with several of the new "Annual Inspirations" and the "Holiday Expressions" books. They are jammed packed with new products, stunning cards and beautiful layouts just dying to be showcased!!! While new products are great, that means we must say goodbye to some of our older favorites. Hurry up and get them before its too late. You can join my online gathering by visiting my online business site, clicking on the "Lets Get Acquainted" box. Here is the link

Here is the list of retiring products Retired Product 2014-­‐15 Item Description Discontinued Z1683 Dimensional Elements Mixed Shapes 1-­‐Sep Z1684 Dimensional Elements Tags 1-­‐Sep Z1685 Dimensional Elements Banners 1-­‐Sep Z1791 Dimensional Elements Album Pages 1-­‐Sep Z1792 Dimensional Elements Awards 1-­‐Sep Z1793 Dimensional Elements Quotes 1-­‐Sep Z1900 Dimensional Elements Framework 1-­‐Sep Z1901 Dimensional Elements Snapshots 1-­‐Sep Z1902 Dimensional Elements Signage 1-­‐Sep X7184C Chalk It Up Complements 1-­‐Sep X7185C Scaredy Cat Complements 1-­‐Sep X7186C Pathfinding Complements 1-­‐Sep X7187C Yultide Carol Complements 1-­‐Sep X7188C Snowhaven Complements 1-­‐Sep X7189C Confetti Wishes Complements 1-­‐Sep X7190C Brushed Complements 1-­‐Sep X7191C Wanderful Complements 1-­‐Sep X7192C Seaside Complements 1-­‐Sep X7193C Heartstrings Complements 1-­‐Sep X7195C Jackson Complements 1-­‐Sep X7196C Blossom Complements 1-­‐Sep Z1708 Sparkles Flourishes 1-­‐Sep Z1745 Sparkles Flourishes Black 1-­‐Sep Z1753 Sparkles Brown & Tan Assortment 1-­‐Sep Z1754 Sparkles Black & Grey Assortment 1-­‐Sep Z1806 Green & Blue Epoxy Bubbles 1-­‐Sep Z1807 Pink Glitter Gems 1-­‐Sep Z1812 Sparkles Clear Flourishes -­‐ Small 1-­‐Sep Z1815 Mini Clothes Pins 1-­‐Sep Z1909 Sparkle Chevron Shapes 1-­‐Sep Z1916 Sparkles Black Flourishes–Small 1-­‐Sep Z1935 Black & Grey Epoxy Bubbles 1-­‐Sep Z1936 Purple Glitter Gems 1-­‐Sep Z3028 Lovestruck Mini Clothespins 1-­‐Sep Z3029 Happy Day Mini Clothespins 1-­‐Sep Z3037 Stuck on You Puffies 1-­‐Sep Z3038 Junebug Puffies 1-­‐Sep Z3041 Oceanside Sequins 1-­‐Sep Z3042 Coral Reef Sequins 1-­‐Sep Z3073 Brave Enamel Shapes 1-­‐Sep Z3074 Bubbly Enamel Shapes 1-­‐Sep Z2044 Confetti Wishes Assortment 1-­‐Sep Z3007 Yuletide Carol Assortment 1-­‐Sep Z3008 Snowhaven Assortment 1-­‐Sep Z3009 Chalk It Up Assortment 1-­‐Sep Z3010 Wanderful Assortment 1-­‐Sep Z3011 Scaredy Cat Assortment 1-­‐Sep Z3012 Pathfinding Assortment 1-­‐Sep Z3013 Brushed Assortment 1-­‐Sep Z3014 Seaside Assortment 1-­‐Sep Z3015 Heartstrings Assortment 1-­‐Sep Z3016 Hopscotch Assortment 1-­‐Sep Z3071 Jackson Assortment 1-­‐Sep Z3072 Blossom Assortment 1-­‐Sep Z1857 Mini-­‐Medley Accents Rosewood Collection 1-­‐Sep Z1861 Mini-­‐Medley Accents Ruby Collection 1-­‐Sep Z1862 Mini-­‐Medley Accents Black Collection 1-­‐Sep Z1855 My Crush ™ Modville Book 1-­‐Sep Z1856 My Crush ™ Bluebird Book 1-­‐Sep Z1886 My Crush™ Besties Assortment 1-­‐Sep Z1887 My Crush™ Best Day Ever Assortment 1-­‐Sep Z1888 My Crush™ Memories Assortment 1-­‐Sep Z1889 My Crush™ Favorites Assortment 1-­‐Sep Z2000 My Crush™ In the Pink Book 1-­‐Sep Z2001 My Crush™ Wildwood Book 1-­‐Sep Z2040 My Crush™ Wildwood Assortment 1-­‐Sep Z2041 My Crush™ Wildwood Sticky Tabs 1-­‐Sep Z2042 My Crush™ In the Pink Assortment 1-­‐Sep Z2043 My Crush™ In the Pink Sticky Tabs 1-­‐Sep Z2047 My Crush™ Wildwood Clips 1-­‐Sep Z2048 My Crush™ In the Pink Clips 1-­‐Sep Z2051 My Crush™ Holiday Happenings Badge Buttons 1-­‐Sep Z2062 My Crush™ Holiday Happenings Assortment 1-­‐Sep Z2098 My Crush™ Holiday Happenings Book 1-­‐Sep Z3080 My Crush™ For Him Book 1-­‐Sep Z3081 My Crush™ For Her Book 1-­‐Sep Z1864 Slate Striped Twist Ties 1-­‐Sep Z1920 Gold Polka-­‐Dot Washi Tape 1-­‐Sep Z1921 Baker's Twine Neutral Metallic Assortment 1-­‐Sep Z1923 Smoothie Striped Washi Tape 1-­‐Sep Z1929 Topiary Mini Chevron Ribbon 1-­‐Sep Z1931 Honey Triangles Washi Tape 1-­‐Sep Z1932 Silver Geometric Washi Tape 1-­‐Sep Z1933 Ruby Chevron Washi Tape 1-­‐Sep Z2002 Topiary Striped Washi Tape 1-­‐Sep Z2003 Black Arrow Washi Tape 1-­‐Sep Z2004 Lagoon Hearts Washi Tape 1-­‐Sep Z2005 Sunset Chevron Washi Tape 1-­‐Sep Z3066 Boardwalk Washi Pack 1-­‐Sep Z3067 Carnival Washi Pack 1-­‐Sep Z1987 Cranberry Striped Twill Ribbon 1-­‐Sep Z1988 Black Striped Twill Ribbon 1-­‐Sep Z1989 Slate Diagonal Striped Ribbon 1-­‐Sep Z1990 Thistle Diagonal Striped Ribbon 1-­‐Sep 1010 Extender Posts 1" 1-­‐Sep

Provo Craft also released a new Cricut cartridge collection called "Artistry". This collection comes with 3 my acrylix D size stamp sets, 1 enchantment cardstock combo pack and of course the cricut cartridge jammed packed with over 700 images which include shapes, layers, banners, borders, backgrounds and font. Here are some pictures of the new cartridge and a project made using it.

Take a look at what's going and coming. Stay tuned for details and dates on workshops I will be hosting in the Atlanta area. I look forward to hearing from you soon! Have a wonderful weekend!

Blessings, Sharondalyn

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